We, Insoursys, manage payroll at very low costs for our clients. Trust us, you pay comparatively lower than what you may actually be paying to your own in-house payroll department.

We act as your payroll service department, fulfil all payroll performances. our services are perfectly fit for all small to mid small businesses who do not have in-house facility. Large enterprises can rely on us to extend their payroll department in a cost effective. We provide a wide gamut of payroll services which include but not just limited to

  • Collecting, creating, generating payroll data (as per the defined frequencies - daily/ weekly/monthly and defined pay types (such as overtime pay, allowances, perks, holiday payment etc)
  • Managing old and new payroll databases
  • Generating payslips / bank transfer slips
  • Managing tax related issues
  • Reporting obligations

There is more that we do for our clients under Payroll Services. Talk to one of our expert Payroll advisors, consultants to know more of how our payroll services can be customized as per your business needs.

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Insoursys is a reliable staffing provider of choice for various small to mid and large enterprises, including fortune 500 companies.

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