At Insoursys, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of everything we do.

We believe in giving back to world in a fair way so that the world can become a much better place for one and all. We carry out CSR activities from time-to-time in our own way at regional, national and international levels. Partnering with the leading NGOs, we move on to contribute to the growth of education and employment opportunities.

  • We support free education initiatives
  • Support, organize free medical camps
  • We organize skills-learning programs for people, helping them learn and develop new skills.

We just do not provide monetary help for the society we live in to make it much more beautiful but we personally invest time and resources so that we can understand the problems well and find solutions for the same.

To know more about our CSR activities or to help us serve the society better please, email us to [email protected].


Insoursys came into being with the sheer principle to simplify the staffing needs of clients across the globe.

We partner with clients to ultimately escalate the value of their most important asset that is people.


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