Lowest-costs, zero-risk managed recruitment services

At Insoursys, we provide fully managed recruitment services. We handle all recruitment needs of your firm - permanent recruitment, temporary recruitment contract to hire and other customized recruitment needs.

Taking the managed services from us, you free yourself from all intricacies of the recruitment processes and management of all the operations thereafter. We will take care of all aspects of recruitment, payroll processing, legal compliances etc.

We always make sure that our clients get the best out of their managed services.

  • Quality will surely go up and up
  • Costs will go down and down
  • We will make sure you get success year on year…

Highly effective management model

Employ our own exclusive, tried and tested managed recruitment processes that save time and money and of course, eliminate associated burdens. We take the burden of recruitment from end to end and you just sit back and see benefits flowing in.

  • Significant reduction in staffing costs (comparably below market rates)
  • Quick access to great talent
  • Manage short-term, long-term recruitments projects
  • Fill positions quicker than anyone else.( that is what we really want to stress on).
  • Enhanced compliance.


Insoursys is a reliable staffing provider of choice for various small to mid and large enterprises, including fortune 500 companies.

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