At Insoursys, we clearly understand the emerging requirements of the aviation and defence sector. There is an increasing demand of professional manpower solutions but the challenges to overcome such a demand are overwhelming and way out of control for many.

The cost of poor candidate with no right calibre may cost companies a lot - waste of time and efforts, disruption of the core service etc.

Hence, there is a need to rely on strategic recruitment consultants. There is a need to take help of the real selection specialists who can recruit quality workforce. Our certified recruiters with specialization in aviation and defence recruitment will carry out the sophisticated and extensive research to help you get the right candidates.

Offering recruitment services ab initio or as required by our clients.

Hire talented

  • Captains
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Flight Operators
  • Flight Engineers
  • Airline Pilots
  • Air Hostesses
  • Ground Operators
  • Management Professionals
  • Cargo Managers, Cargo Handlers
  • Maintenance Experts
  • Flight Steward
  • Engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Aircraft Maintenance Managers
  • Aviation Accountants
  • Sky Marshall / Air Marshall
  • Load Planners
  • Flight Agents
  • Defence Control Managers
  • Passenger Service Representatives
  • Reservation Agents
  • Ticket Agents
  • Baggage Handlers

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